Hill Riddle & Associates


A Guide to Buying a home in Greater New Orleans


Locals know that most successful business transactions in New Orleans are based on relationships. There is a level of trust and confidence built-in to the long-time relationships New Orleanians have with each other. And thatʼs a good thing. When you are buying real estate, often the biggest purchase you will ever make, you want to know that a friend is there to help you make a good deal. And that he will be there after the sale as well.


Mortgage lending has changed significantly in the last few years. Todayʼs lending environment can be confusing, but there are still opportunities for great deals on rates. With our relationships, we can help you find a lender or alternative financing to help you get into your dream home.


Looking for a home means more than shopping online. We can help you locate and tour the types of homes you are looking for in your price range. Let us take you on a real life tour, walking through neighborhoods and inside homes so you can feel what it will be like to live there. 

Are you looking for a million dollar mansion or a small shotgun double?


Putting in an offer on a house is exciting. Hill Riddle, Jr. and his team have been selling homes in and around New Orleans since the 1980s. We can help you approach the sellers with an appropriate offer that can satisfy their requirements and yours. There is a “sweet spot” and we can help you find it.


From inspections, appraisals and initial deposit through escrow and final closing, it helps to have an agent walk you through the steps. We have relationships with inspectors, closing attorneys, mortgage lenders and brokers who can help you understand the process and protect you as you make this investment.

Second Chances

We keep our eyes peeled for deals that come and go quickly. Because real estate in New Orleans is relationship-driven, we often learn about deals that come up before they are listed on the MLS (before they ever go online). We also learn about deals that have fallen through. These situations present rare opportunities for a buyer. Clue us in on what you are looking for and let us be on the lookout for a deal just for you.